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Q: Are Texels good mothers and do the lambs get up and go?

Texels are milky and very good mothers, and the lambs are quick to get to their feet and look for the teat.

Q: Are Texels hardy, and if so, in what kind of conditions will they survive?

Texels originally came from the Island of Texel on the North Sea coast of Holland, where they are used to the winds and weathers of that coast-line. They are well able to adapt to exposed weather conditions.

Q: Are Texels slower growing than some other breeds?

There is a wide variation within the Texel breed, so look out for rams that have an above average EBV for growth, especially when you want to use them on an early lambing flock.

Q: Are Texels sometimes too lean for producing finished lambs in the commercial market?

If you need to finish lambs at a lower weight, it is important to choose a ram with a slight plus on fat depth, but a lot will depend on what breed of sheep the ram will be running with. We can help you to choose a tup that will do the job needed in your particular flock.

Q: Can we come and view your sheep?

We always welcome visitors, though we would ask people to contact us in advance and arrange a time. People are free to come and see, without feeling under any pressure to buy.

Q: Do you have any other enterprises?

No, we only have our flock of pedigree Texels. Our small suckler herd of South Devons was dispersed just before the 2001 outbreak of FMD.

Q: What is the altitude of your farm and what type of land do you farm

The farm lies at between 700 and 950 feet above sea level, and the underlying rock is millstone grit and shale, with medium to heavy loam that can be rather wet. Usually, there is little grass for the sheep before mid-April, and by the middle of October the grass has stopped growing.

Q: What rams did you use last year?

The market restrictions last year prevented us from buying a ram, so we used straws of frozen semen from three separate rams. They all had good EBV's for growth rate, muscle depth and muscularity. They are:-

  • East Middle Le Coq d'Or
  • Wollascott Maestro 2
  • Lumbylaw Madras

Their lambs will grow on to shearlings for next year. In addition, we put a few ewes with three tups of our own breeding:-

  • Handbank Jack the Lad (out of Alwent Flint)
  • Handbank Kilwillie (out of Lindstair Jubilation)
  • Handbank Kestrel (out of Llanferres Ifor)

and these were also used as sweepers for the AI groups.